About Us

Mark and Trish Carew of Phlatboyz, LLC




SketchUcam is an open source Sketch Up plug in.  The ultimate goal is to create a complete CAM solution within Sketch Up.





Iniitally, the concept of SketchUcam was developed by Mark and Trish Carew and was originally called the PhlatScript.  The name PhlatScript was created because the plug in was developed to work in conjunction with the Phlatprinter.  The Phlatprinter is an affordable CNC machine kit we offer on our website, www.phlatboyz.com.  


We hope that SketchUcam will continue to grow and become the leading open source CAM solution for the do it yourself home machinist.


We would like to thank the talented programmers that have helped make this dream a reality.  Listed below but in no particular order are those that have contributed their programming time and talents to this project.  We thank you so much!


Peter Donato

Tim Simmons


Kwok Yu

Nicholas Peshman


As time goes on and plug ins are incorporated into SketchUcam, this list of names will grow.  If you would like to be a part of this project, please contact us at phlatboyz@phlatboyz.com


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